Friday, December 09, 2022

Sha Na Ra Ancient Crystal Skull


Message from Sha Na Ra:

"I am a child of the Earth, harvested, carved and used by humankind. In this time and in this place, I am a Shaman's tool of the highest order. My past is rich with the knowledge of the ages but I am not a God. I function only in conjunction with human energy and act as a facilitator of communication between the worlds within each individual. As such, I carry the collective knowledge and experience of everyone that has touched me. This collective energy is what gives me the potential of imparting Universal Love.

In reality, I am but a mirror, a reflector of what is inside the heart of each individual. The only magic I possess is what I mirror from you. Whatever you see in my eyes is what you truly are. I can show you the depth, breadth and height of your own soul if that is what you need to see. I can break through the resistance of your mind and open doors to knowledge long forgotten. In this way I encourage personal growth and healing on every level.

My message is one of unconditional acceptance. Just as there are many paths up the mountain, each individual has a unique way of walking their path. As a Shaman's tool, I illuminate the path of the individual as it relates to the journey of us all.


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