Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Michele Nocerino

Ancient Crystal Skulls Michele is a naturally gifted intuitive healer who has inherited powerful and profound psychic gifts through several generations of her lineage. She has spent her entire life surrounded by crystals and crystal skulls of all kinds, and is inherently gifted in working with crystals, stones, energy, color, cards and with various forms of healing.  She has done such work for over thirty-five years, and believes that it is through these channels that one may access super-conscious resources, promoting joy, health and resilience.   Making Sha Na Ra accessible to the public only furthers and supports her purpose in serving the wellbeing of others.

Michele warmly invites you to join her in taking a closer look into parapsychology and the mystery of ancient crystal skulls. She offers you the rare opportunity to personally experience the presence and healing energy of Sha Na Ra, which is one of the only ancient crystal skulls that people can actually touch and experience on a private and intimate basis.

Please inquire for a telephone, Skype session or experience Sha Na Ra in person at the Spiritual Enhancement Center located in Northern California. We look forward to the experience.